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Teaching You The Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wealth Formula

for you to 'be your best'

I am a business women and entrepreneur who is always seeking to find opportunities that help others ‘Be Your Best’. I am also a farmer’s wife in Warwickshire, UK; a mother, step mother, foster mom to 17 children to date of which 4 went on to adoption. I am an ex-teacher, an Award Winning Makeup Artist and Qualified fitness Instructor.

I am proud that at the age of 52, I was recently crowned 'Mrs UK World Classic, 2017'.

I love being an avid fundraiser for various charities and regularly teach street-dance, fitness & Zumba to both adults and children, including SEN children with physical, emotional and mental health needs.

Before I ever understood the concept of time leverage and how it would change my life. I'd work for an hour, get paid for that hour. If I wanted more, I'd have to do overtime or get a promotion or get a new job!
When I met my (now) husband, I was working 50-60 hour weeks, earning great money. However, he was also working long hours, getting up at 4.30am, whilst I was not home until 8pm. We were lucky if we got to see each other on those weekends he wasn't working. But life was too short...

Something had to change!

I decided to retrain from my high paying job in legal recruitment to something I've always loved but wasn't sure I'd be able to make a living at... Professional Makeup Artist & Fitness Instructor!

So as a Makeup Artist, I obviously needed makeup, I bought some of the leading brands and then found out three major things...

  1.  Some people are allergic to some makeup brands that actively contain formeldyhde, parabins & mineral oils.
  2.  Although I was a MACPro member, I was not licenced to resell to my clients, I had to send them to the store! and you know what, I was never paid a commission or fee for doing that.
  3. Not all these products worked on my clients, they did not gave targeted results, & they did not have 'optilight technology'!

So what now?

That's when my new business found me...

The products were pure, safe & beneficial. I could resell & earn; purchase everyday items with up to 60% off; recommend to others and they could start their own business too. Win! Win! Win!

Network Marketing was a profession I knew absolutely nothing about!! But after doing research with people who knew about the industry, (NOT people who THOUGHT they did.) I was hooked. It's changed my life, it's empowered me and I know, it could make a difference to you to.

About Me

My Story

I haven't looked back...

No, really... I haven't looked back since and over the past few years I have continued to work at developing myself & my skills, and I am loving showing others how they can too.

My ‘office’ can be where ever I want it to be, dependent on if I am working from home, on the school run, on a beach or whilst I’m sleeping... because my company is in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan and soon to launch in Germany.

Truthfully, I am truly living a life I never thought possible

and the best thing is I get to help others do the same.

So, I actually believe I have found the

Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wealth Formula

to an opportunity that I believe in. 

Thank you for reading this…

I hope my story has encouraged you

to want to know more.